How Safe is Your Neighborhood? Austin Crime Rates by Zip Code

Most consider Austin a safe place to live, however with any city, there’s always crime. Find out which neighborhoods have the highest crime rates in Austin: Zip Code: 78701 Neighborhood: Downtown Total Crimes: 10,821 Theft: 1,982 Motor Vehicle Theft: 141 Murder: 2 Rape: 16 Robbery: 91 Aggravated Assault: 114 Zip Code: 78741 Neighborhood: South Austin Total Crimes: 13, 097 Theft: … Read More

Top 10 Strangest US Laws

At Freedom Bail Bonds, we have only the highest regard for the legal system. For the most part, laws are put into place in order to preserve and protect society, and when any particular law is passed, it is usually for good reason. Every now and then, though, we stumble upon a law that has even us scratching our heads. … Read More

Social Media and Crime: Is Facebook the New Criminal Catcher?

Pairing up with technology In a world that revolves around social media, it’s easy to forget about the effects – both good and bad – that social networks have on our daily lives. From cyber bully attacks to privacy issues, many see it as a negative influence on the upcoming generation. However in the world of crime, social media now … Read More