Is Collateral the Same as a Bail Bond Payment?

A question we often get asked at Freedom Bail Bonds is whether or not a client can pay for a bond with collateral. Because we think bail bond education is a vital part of obtaining an actual bail bond, we do our best to keep our clients up-to-date on the different policies that we adhere to in our business.

Rock Throwing onto IH-35 Continues to Endanger Lives

To ensure that roadways are safe for travel, clean up crews clear debris from sides of highways and major thoroughfares. Although this safety measure is taken to help motorists get to their destinations with ease, some individuals are not as considerate of others. Most notably, the person or persons throwing rocks onto IH-35 while motorists are driving. These randomly timed … Read More

How to Resolve a Forfeited Bond in Travis County

  If you or a loved one has been released from the Travis County Jail on bond, your legal obligations are not fulfilled until you go through all steps of the judicial process. One of the key factors in remaining out of jail is showing up for all court appointments. If you’ve missed a court date, you will need to … Read More

How To Check Travis County Arrest Records

There are two quick and easy ways to find out if someone has been arrested in Travis County or the surrounding Austin metro area. In this article we give you step by step instructions. Our conveniently located office will have one of our agents at the courthouse within minutes, and you can bet that we will do everything we can to secure the release of your loved one as quickly as the law allows.