How to Discreetly Bail Someone Out of Jail

The secret to bailing someone out of jail using the utmost discretion is by contacting a bail bondsman as quickly as you can. At Freedom Bail Bonds we understand that you and your loved one want to get back to a normal life as quickly as possible. Detailed are a few key components to keeping your loved one’s jail time as discreet as possible through the entrust of a bail bond.

Once the defendant is arrested, taken to the Williamson County Jail or Travis County Jail and booked, he or she may be given the option to pay their own bail. If the defendant accepts this offer, they will be able to pay their own bail and are released from jail.

Depending on the type of crime, usually nonviolent misdemeanors, the bail may be set at a low rate to an upwards of about $500.

For more serious or extreme crimes, the bail will be set much higher and the defendant may not be able to pay it causing them to stay in jail. If the defendant refuses to pay the bail amount, no matter how low or high the rate, they will remain in the hands of the law. That’s where a bail bond might come in very handy.

As soon as you are asked to bail someone out of jail, consider the risks associated with co-signing on a bail bond. Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with the process, you will be asked to agree to the bail bondsman’s terms and pay a non-refundable fee.

Having collateral will help to make the process run along smoothly so, for the sake of discretion, be prepared to secure the terms with valued property. Keep in mind that if the defendant doesn’t uphold his or her promise to show up in court, you will have to forfeit the collateral and are still beholden to the financial debt.

Once the defendant’s bail has been posted, keep a low profile by maintaining an open dialogue with that person and his or her lawyer.

If you don’t want to bring attention to the person’s embarrassing situation, keep their bail bond agreement exclusively between the parties involved.
In order to bail out a friend or loved one from jail with urgency and discretion, you will need to call a reliable bail bondsman in your county. Freedom Bail Bonds provides 24-hour service to both Austin and Williamson Counties. Contact us to get back on the track to freedom.