What happens if I’m arrested in Austin and can’t make bail?

how to get a bail bond with no money

If you have been arrested in Austin and don’t have enough money to pay the bail amount set for you by a court judge, don’t panic. You still have options to get a co-signer for a bail bond, signature bond or “O.R.” (own recognizance). There are a few factors that determine the type of bail bond you will need.

How to Make Bail if You Are Arrested in Austin 

  • Bail Bond with Co-signer – If you can’t make bail, you won’t want to stay in jail until your trial date. If you cannot pay the bail amount set by a court judge, you may be able to get a bail bond if you have good credit and job history.  Typically, bail bond payments are 10%-15% of the original bail amount. If you do not have good credit or job history, you will require a co-signer or collateral such as a home you own. We also can arrange a payment plan in some cases.
  • Signature Bond – Another option for you to get out of jail, even if you can’t make bail, is with a signature bond. Granted by a court judge in a pre-trial program, you and an attorney will be seen by a court judge. If you are able to convince the judge that you will be present for your upcoming court dates and that you aren’t a threat to the community, a signature bond may be granted. This type of bond does not require a payment or a co-signer.
  • Own Recognizance Bond – this type of bond may be granted to you if a court judge determines that you don’t pose a threat to the community and are not a flight risk. You will have to go to a pre-trial hearing. A court judge will review details of your case and your criminal history. If the bond is granted, you will be asked to sign a series of documents in order to be released from police custody at your “own recognizance.”
  • PR Bond – is granted by a court judge once the review of an individual’s case and criminal history has been completed during a pretrial hearing. They often come with stipulations such as a requirement to take classes and it can slow down your processing time to get out of jail since you will see a judge depending on their availability. The good thing about a PR Bond is that you won’t have to pay anything as long as you are present for all court appearances.

If you find yourself arrested in Austin without a dime to your name, discuss your options with Freedom Bail Bonds. Call our toll free number 1(800)766-7002 to get out of the Travis County Jail fast.