Is Collateral the Same as a Bail Bond Payment?

Oftentimes our Freedom Bail Bonds clients want to know if they can pay for a bail bond with collateral. Since bail bond education is the cornerstone of the bail bonding process, our agents provide all clients with updated policies that impact our business.

Is Collateral the Same as a Bail Bond payment?

The short answer: No.

It’s common for clients to assume that bail bonds can be paid using collateral, but this is simply not the case. At Freedom Bail Bonds we always charge a non-negotiable fee for all bail bonds.

Many bail bond services will allow clients to use their personal property or cash as collateral, or a guarantee that a client will be present for his or her court dates. This type of guarantee is used in place of a co-signer.

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At Freedom Bail Bonds, our goal is to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the bonding process and your payment options. If you’re in need of bail bonding services or simply have more questions about collateral, contact our reliable agents at (800) 766-7002 for 24 / 7 assistance in Williamson and Travis Counties.