What is a PR Bond? Should You Get One?

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Getting a PR Bond may seem like the best option when you’re anxious to get out of jail in a hurry, but think again. Obtaining a PR Bond may delay your getting out of jail in a timely manner, and usually has surprise stipulations attached. Learn more about PR Bonds and how you might benefit from calling a trusted bail bondsman instead.

What is a PR Bond?

A Personal Recognizance Bond, better known as a “PR Bond“, is granted by a court judge once the review of an individual’s case and criminal history has been completed during a pretrial hearing. In most cases where PR Bonds are granted, the judge has determined that individual does not pose a threat to the community, and has ties to the community that help the court decide whether or not he/she is a flight risk (e.g., employed, a student, a community leader, etc.).

The benefit of obtaining a PR Bond is that although a bail amount is set by a judge, the bonded party won’t have to pay anything and is required to be present for all court appearances. Keep in mind that if the individual doesn’t uphold their end of the personal recognizance bond (by missing court dates or leaving town), that person will have to pay the full bail amount and may be rearrested in the future.

Although a PR Bond may seem reasonable for you, there are a couple of fine-print items you will need to understand if you forgo a traditional bail bondsman for a PR Bond.

3 Things to Know About PR Bonds

  • Delayed release from jail – The process of getting out of jail with a PR Bond is longer than with a bail bondsman. You must participate in an interview with a pretrial officer. You will also need to acquire personal references that can vouch for your stability in the community. This process works on the judiciary system’s time frame, not yours.
  • PR Bonds are granted exclusively by judges – Even if you have a lawyer to speak on your behalf, the only way to get a PR Bond is with the approval of a court judge. Depending on the judge’s schedule and the amount of other inmates he/she has to see, your release could be delayed for an indefinite amount of time. With the help of a bail bondsman, you’re only required to submit your own approval and signature (depending on the type of bail bond you get). Call us at 1-(800)766-7002 for more details.
  • Undisclosed additional costs – Although you don’t have to pay the full bail amount once you’ve acquired a PR Bond, there may be several undisclosed costs associated with the conditions of the judge-approved bond such as court-ordered classes that must be paid for at your own expense. For instance, if you’re arrested for a minor crime involving drugs, you may have to enroll in and attend and pay for a drug abuse class. You may also have to attend meetings and other classes associated with your crime as a condition of your PR Bond.

Using a bail bondsman is the fastest way to get out of jail, and our no-strings-attached approach will not have undisclosed conditions. Give Freedom Bail Bonds a call at 1(800)766-7002 to discuss your needs and we can advise you on the best way to get your loved one out of the Williamson County Jail or Travis County Jail. Available 24hrs a day, we will do our best to help you in your time of need.