How To Check Travis County Arrest Records

When a loved one doesn’t come home after partying with friends in Austin, you may have good reason to worry. 6th Street, its neighboring entertainment districts and other alcohol-friendly hot spots in the Bat City are infamous for public intoxication incidents and even potentially fatal DWI violations.

At Freedom Bail Bonds, we hope that the ones you care about never have to face such consequential circumstances. If you suspect your loved one may have been arrested in Travis County and thrown in jail, there’s no need to panic. Checking arrest records online or by phone is simple, thanks to the Travis County Sheriff’s Department.

2 Simple Ways to Check Arrest Records in Travis County

  1. Visit the website: The Sheriff Inmate Population Reporting System website makes performing a search for the person you’re looking for easy. Simply enter his or her first and last names into the appropriate boxes and the information will result.
  2. Make the call: Call (512) 854-4180 to contact the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. Make sure you provide the person’s first and last names.

No one wants to discover their loved one in a dire legal situation, but if your search happens to confirm the worst give us a call at Freedom Bail Bonds at our Travis County location immediately at 512-481-0000. We offer 24/7 bail bond service at our conveniently located office, and will do everything we can to secure the release of your loved one as quickly as the law allows.