Bail Bond Legal Terms and Definitions


When someone gets arrested, it can be terrifying and confusing. At Freedom Bail Bonds, we strive to allieveate as much as that stress as possible by taking care of all the details, answering every question, and getting the person out of the Williamson or Travis County Jail as quickly as possible. Common legal terms and definitions for bail bonds Arrest—An“arrest” … Read More

How to Resolve a Forfeited Bond


When you’re released from the Travis County Court on bond, one of the worst things you can do is miss your court date. We understand that schedule conflicts arise, but if you’re ever in this situation, we at Freedom Bail Bonds feel that it is vital that you stay calm, don’t panic, and take action to fix the situation. With … Read More

Do I Need an Attorney to Get Someone Out of the Travis County Jail?

If a loved one has been arrested, they usually do not need an attorney to get released from jail. At the same time, though, every case is different, and while an attorney may not be entirely necessary to get released from jail, having one is certainly strongly recommended in certain circumstances.